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Engineering and Application Support Services

In addition to Eberbach's standard products, Eberbach offers engineering and application support services for specific mixing, blending, homogenizing and milling applications. Our focus on process excellence, mechanical engineering simulation, electrical engineering, in house manufacturing capability and our long history of manufacturing mixing, blending, homogenizing and milling equipment is the foundation to our engineering and application support services offering.

Our customers' application details and process goals are our number one priority when we design a custom system. Eberbach engineers work directly with customers to document the scope of work and define system requirements. Eberbach engineers use state of the art engineering software programs to design and test systems in solid models, they can then transfer component files directly through CAM software into CNC machines to manufacture the individual components for onsite system build. Eberbach individually tests and runs off each piece of equipment in ensure 100% system specification compliance and customer satisfaction.

Eberbach has a lot of experience with hazardous location specifications (ATEX, IEC, NEC, CEC, …), wash-down applications (IP65, IP67, …), clean room, stainless steel applications and PCB design to draw upon when working with our customers to develop solutions for their applications and processes.

Eberbach can now offer mixing, blending, homogenizing and milling equipment with additional features from the addition of sensors for monitoring what you are processing to load cells (for load confirmation) to automation with safety interlocks into a production process.

Whatever your mixing, shaking, blending, milling application is, from the laboratory to the kitchen through to pilot and production, from biotechnology to pharmaceuticals to renewable energy to food and beverages Eberbach Corporation can support your needs.


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Eberbach is an ISO certified Engineering and Manufacturing company located in the USA.