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Eberbach’s history in Science dates back to 1843 ...


In 1843...
■ Carl Gustaf Mosander Discovers Terbium and Erbium.
■ The steam powered rotary printing press is invented by Richard March Hoe.
■ Sir William Rowan Hamilton comes up with the idea of quaternions, a non-commutive extension of complex numbers.

And in the small town of Ann Arbor, Michigan, Christian Eberbach opened a pharmacy and began a laboratory supply business for local hospitals and universities.   Thirty six years later Eberbach began manufacturing its own line of laboratory equipment beginning the over 130 year company history of building instruments and apparatus for the scientific community.

Today, Eberbach Corporation is an engineering and manufacturing company still located in Ann Arbor Michigan.   Eberbach Corporation designs, builds and markets equipment for sample preparation, products such as Shakers, Mixers, Blenders, Stirrers and more. Eberbach products are used in a broad range of research and commercial applications, spanning biochemical, petrochemical, environmental, food, beverage and pharmaceuticals.

Eberbach is an ISO certified Engineering and Manufacturing company.


Sales/Technical Support

Eberbach is well known for its robust products, strong customer service and flexibility to deliver custom solutions to specific applications.

Our products can be purchased directly from Eberbach and are sold through authorized distributors throughout the world. We accept credit card payments as well as PayPal payments for direct orders.


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