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Hazardous Location Blenders

Eberbach BlenderEberbach offers a variety Explosion Proof Blenders and Harsh Environment blender units. We also manufacture various blending containers to suit your needs, including Borosilicate Glass containers and Semi Micro Stainless Steel containers. Our containers are built to endure the toughest environments.

If you have a custom application that you are looking at please submit a Custom Build Request under the "About Us" tab on the top right and we will put our engineers to work to get a product that works for you.








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E8015 BlenderE8015 - Harsh Environment Blender (Click Here For Details)

HARSH ENVIRONMENT 4-LITER BLENDER, 1-Speed, 10,800 rpm, No Container, 115/230V or 230/460V, 60 Hz

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Harsh Environment BlenderE8016 - Harsh Environment Blender (Click Here for Details)

Heavy-Duty Blender, Variable Speed, 1,080-10,800 rpm, No Container, 115/230V 50/60 Hz

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E8017 Explosion Proof BlenderE8017 - Explosion-Proof Blender (Click Here For Details)

4 Liter Blender, 1 Speed, 10,800 rpm, No Container, 115/230V, 60hz or 230/460V 50/60hz Single phase

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E8018 - Explosion-Proof BlenderE8018 - Explosion-Proof Blender (Click Here For Details)

4 Liter Blender, Variable Speed, 1,080 - 10,800 rpm, No Container, 230V, 50/60hz 3 phase