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Model EL680.Q - QuEChERS Hand Motion Shaker

Eberbach’s Hand Motion Shaker EL680.Q with QuEChERS tooling is an effective tool for extracting, dissolving and emulsifying samples. Featuring an advanced motor, the EL680.Q mimics the effects of shaking a sample by hand from very slow, gentle mixing to violent agitation with a 10.5 degree stroke. This variable speed unit runs from 100-600 oscillations per minute (with gentle ramping), and is monitored within 1 rpm of set point by an illuminated digital tachometer. The control panel is angled away from unit to ease reading and speed adjustment. With the EL680 & QuEChERS Tooling the user can put in multiple tubes (multiple sizes from 50ml down to 15ml, 12 per arm) at a time. The EL680.Q includes a digital timer, rubber feet, and can handle loads up to 10 lbs.


Shaking Speed:

100-600 osc/min


13.58 Degrees | 1.57" (40mm)

Max Load Capacity:

8.8 lbs


115/230V @ 50/60hz (230V is CE Marked)


88 lbs


Length - 33 in | Width - 12 in | Height - 10 in

QUECHERS Hand Motion Shaker

EL680.Q - QuEChERS Hand Motion Shaker

115V Power Unit. Blue Powder Coat finish.

QUECHERS Hand Motion Shaker

EL680.Q.25 - QuEChERS Hand Motion Shaker

230V Power Unit. Blue Powder Coat finish.


Product Media

Hand Motion Shaker

Shown with Standard Clamps

QuEChERS Mixing in Slow Motion