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Model E7906 - High Torque Explosion-Proof Overhead Stirrer

Model E7906 Explosion Proof Stirrer is designed to agitate highly viscous materials in environments where explosive gases or dust are present in the air. The E7906 can make use of a variety of agitators and can be customized to customer specific requirements. This includes the design and fabrication of custom agitators and custom torque and speed settings. Explosion resistance classifications can be adjusted based on customer environmental factors.

Please note: 1) This unit is electrically explosion proof only. 2) This unit must be installed by a qualified electrician to preserve the explosion-proof capability. 3) This unit is supplied with a remote control box which needs to be mounted outside of the hazardous location. 4) Explosion proof control enclosures are available as an option if the stirrer controller is required at the stirrer inside of the hazardous location. 5) Eberbach Explosion Proof Products are manufactured with certified components and wired by third party certified electrical engineers. Hazardous location certification documentation costs are additional. Please contact us for more information.

The E7906 can be supplied with a hollow spindle and screw chucks to ease stirring jobs by eliminating the need for tools to tighten chucks and allows the user to raise and lower agitator without having to remove it. Or, the E7906 can be supplied with a key chuck or custom sized spindle chuck to hold agitators for use inside of a hood or in other spaces where there is not overhead space for agitator shaft and therefor is supplied with a key chuck or custom sized spindle chuck to hold agitators. The key chuck is a standard sized chuck that supports up to ¾" diameter shaft sizes (other sizes available upon request).


Stirrer Speed:

30 - 300 rpm

Max Torque:

1616 oz-in at all speeds

Stirring Element Fastening:

Keyless Chuck or Key Chuck


115V or 230V @ 50/60hz Single or Three Phase

Explosion Proof Standards:

Class I Group C&D, Class II Group F & G


150 lbs


Length - 26.6 in | Width - 13.5 in | Height - 28.6 in

Options (contact us for details):

- Available in stainless steel

- Available with higher speeds

- Available in larger sizes (for larger volumes)

- Available with different mounting options

- Non-hazardous location models available

Explosion Proof Overhead Stirrer

E7906 - Explosion-Proof Overhead Stirrer

Power Unit, 115V @ 50/60hz Single Phase.

Explosion Proof Overhead Stirrer

E7906.25 - Explosion-Proof Overhead Stirrer

Power Unit, 230V @ 50/60hz Single Phase

Explosion Proof Overhead Stirrer

E7906.35 - Explosion-Proof Overhead Stirrer

Power Unit, 230V @ 50/60hz Three Phase


Product Media

Explosion Proof Overhead Stirrer

Agitator and Container Not Included

Explosion Proof Overhead Stirrer

Agitator Not Included