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Model E7100 - Power-Stir Overhead Stirrer

Model E7100 POWER STIR® (Previously E7085) is a low speed, high torque lab stirrer. It produces a maximum output torque of 96 oz-in at 625 rpm. Speed is variable from 30-625. Both stirrers accept glass, metal or plastic agitators 7/32” thru 5/16” in diameter. Hollow spindle and screw chucks eases stirring jobs by eliminating the need for tools to tighten chucks and allows the user to raise and lower agitator without having to remove it. The standard unit is made of high impact ABS plastic. A version with an aluminum body is also available, please contact us for more information.


Stirrer Speed:

20 - 625 rpm

Continuous Torque:

96 oz-in

Peak Torque:

220 oz-in

Speed Accuracy:

+/- 1%

Intermittent Operation:




Stirring Element Fastening:

Keyless Chuck

Chuck Range Min. Diameter:


Chuck Range Max. Diameter:


IP Rating:

IP 40

Permissible Ambient Temperature:

5 - 40 C

Permissible Relative Humidity:


Housing Material:

ABS Plastic


115V or 230V @ 50/60Hz


9 lbs

Dimensions (without stand):

Length - 9 in | Width - 4 in | Height - 9 in

Overhead Stirrer

E7100 - Overhead Stirrer

Power Unit Only, 115V.

Overhead Stirrer

E7100.25 - Overhead Stirrer

Power Unit Only, 230V.

Stirrer Support Stand

E7560 - Support Stand

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Product Media

Overhead Stirrer

Stand and Agitator Not Included