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Eberbach Bulk Solid Feeding System – Patent Pending

New Rotary Hopper, bulk solids auto feed system. This new feeding system can be manufactured in stainless steel pharmaceutical grade, NEC and ATEX explosion proof rated and standard industrial rated models. This new Rotary Hopper is designed with high torque motors for handling difficult materials, such as clumping, fluffy, cohesive, dense as well as free flowing materials. If you have feeding issues like clumping, bridging, arching, rat holing or other issues with your current hoppers and feed systems and you need accurate, controlled feeding of materials without the worry of stopping or stalling the process, the Rotary Hopper is the right system for your application.

This new feeding system is a unique design, it tumbles bulk solid materials in a rotating conical frustum shaped hopper, constantly bringing the materials into contact with a rotating and exposed feed screw located within the hopper. This feeding system has two axis of control, the hopper rotation and the feed screw can be individually and variably controlled with the machine controller.

The hopper is oriented on an angle such that the back is vertical and in close proximity to the feed screw. The tumbling action of the rotating hopper causes the material to naturally flow to the back of the hopper and into the proximity of the feed screw ensuring all of the material is feed through the system uniformly.

The exposed feed screw runs within the hopper and feeds the material through the outlet at the bottom of the hopper to be used for a subsequent process. This new feeding system can accommodate volumes as low as 500g/hour up to 1kg/min and this system can be integrated with automation.

Please see the video (on the right) showing an old Wiley mill Eberbach manufactured integrated with this new feeding system controlled remotely with automated robot and conveyor loading system. This system can be designed to fit and feed many different process machines, automated or not automated; please contact us for more information regarding your application needs.

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Bulk Solid Feeding System

Bulk Solid Feeding System