Direct Drive Orbital Shakers - Durability Meets Reliability

Why Eberbach's Direct Drive Orbital Shakers Are The Superior Choice For Applications That Require Orbital Shakers To Operate For Extended Periods Of Time

When it comes to laboratory and processing equipment, shakers are essential for a wide range of applications, from cell culturing, to fermentation, to Antibody production, to Protein Expression to Chromatography Resin Slurry/Resuspensions to Vaccine Thawing applications.

However, not all Orbital shakers are created equal. There are Direct Drive Orbital Shakers and Belt driven Orbital Shakers. While both types of Orbital Shakers can effectively mix or agitate samples, there are some key differences that make a Direct Drive Orbital Shaker the superior choice when you cannot afford to have your application interrupted by a broken belt or, if you need the smoothest possible orbital stroke.

Benefits Of A Direct Drive Shaker System

Increased Durability + Lower Maintenance Costs

Belts in a Belt Driven Orbital Shaker do wear out over time and require replacement, whereas the Direct Drive system in a Direct Drive Orbital Shaker requires less maintenance. This advantage not only saves time and money in the long run, but also helps to ensure that your experiments are not interrupted by Belt failure which can be an expensive issue when it happens unplanned.

Smoother Operation

Belts in belt driven shakers have a tendency to impart vibrations or jerks. These vibrations are especially noticeable at lower RPMs (<150rpm). The vibrations result from several factors, including the presence of joints where each end of the belt is connected. Usually, this spot on the belt is not perfectly uniform and can cause a rapid speed change which translates to a “jerk” or uneven operation. These factors can also cause uneven belt wearing which will reduce the lifespan of the belt as well as increase the belt noise during operation.

Improved Accuracy And Reproducibility 

Direct Drive Orbital Shakers can offer improved accuracy and reproducibility with the speed of operation due to belt slippage or belt wear. A Direct Drive Orbital Shaker uses a direct connection between the motor and the shaking platform, eliminating the need for belts. This direct connection eliminates the potential for belt slipping and/or belt breaking providing a consistent and reliable mixing process. This is especially important in experiments that require precise control over mixing conditions.

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