• Eberbach offers a variety of different types of shakers ranging in capacities from less than a 1 lb to over 2,500 lbs. We also offer custom shakers that can be engineered and built to suit your specific application.
• We have the most accurate shaker/mixer speed controls on the market. Eberbach’s proprietary closed loop controller ensures the most accurate shaker and mixer speeds at all rpms. If accuracy and repeatability is what your customers require, Eberbach has the best in class controls!
We are also the only company on the market to offer:
• Long stroke reciprocal shakers – we offer 1” strokes, 1.5" strokes and 6.5" strokes
• Custom Built Mixers - with temp control and other sensors along with integrating weight scales into shakers.
• Largest Capacity Microplate Vortexer - we can also scale this up even larger as well as integrate it into automation
• Hazardous Location Mixers, Shakers, and Blenders
Our shakers can be designed to live in high humidity and high CO2 incubators.
Contact us about the different options available such as Wash down units, Stainless Steel, Explosion resistant and more. Eberbach can provide IQ/OQ/PQ documentation and support for pharmaceutical applications.

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