Improved Thawing System Using Forced Air Convection Heat Transfer and Orbital Shaker for Vaccines and Biologics

Eberbach is excited to announce an improved thawing system that utilizes forced air convection heat transfer and orbital shakers for vaccines and biologics.

The process of thawing frozen materials, such as vaccines and biologics, can be a time-consuming and potentially damaging process. Traditional methods, such as using a water bath, placing in a heated incubator, or leaving the material stagnant in a room temperature environment, can lead to very long thawing times, uneven thawing and may introduce heat that can denature proteins.

That's why we're excited to introduce a new and improved thawing system that utilizes forced air convection heat transfer and orbital agitation motion to reduce thawing time and improve uniformity without adding heat.



Eberbach’s system is fully programmable, it features crosswise airflow with stacked programmable fans that generate a rapid and continuous circulation of air flow through the machine to transfer ambient air with cold air from inside the machine enclosure. This forced air convection helps to evenly carry the cold air inside the machine enclosure around the frozen containers outside the machine and speed up the thawing process.




To further enhance the thawing process, we have a heavy-duty orbital shaker system at the core. This shaker system can handle extremely heavy loads making it suitable for production applications.  The shaker system is fully programmable and can be programmed to shake at any time in the thawing process and at any speed.  The shaker system will create a gentle, yet effective, uniform agitation motion that helps to evenly disperse the cold air trapped around the frozen containers and promote more efficient thawing.

Eberbach's Thawing Enclosure


The combination of the forced air convection and orbital shaker creates a thawing system that is both fast and effective, while also being gentle on the material to avoid damaging proteins.

We believe this new thawing system will be a valuable tool for any pharmaceutical or biotech facility handling frozen vaccines or biologic. Please contact Eberbach for more details.