Eberbach's Single Use Bag Shakers and Shaking Bioreactors:

  • Low shear mixing
  • No agitator, No impeller touching material being mixed = elimination of cross contamination during mixing and cost reduction
  • More predictable scale up with better shake flask correlation
  • Automation and network integration available
  • FAT, IQ, OQ, PQ and SAT documentation available
  • Manufactured in ISO certified facility in the USA

Shaken better than Stirred

Eberbach Single Use Bag Orbital shakers provide gentle circular swirling action commonly used in protein expression, protein purification, tissue culture work, aeration of fermentations, and various other chemical mixing procedures. Large capacity orbital shakers can be used for almost any application a stirrer is used as well as any benchtop orbital shaker application scaled up.  

What really differentiates Eberbach’s Single Use Bag Orbital Shakers from stirred tanks are the ability to handle mixing applications where you do not want any chance at cross contamination from putting a stirrer (magnetic or shaft driven propeller/impellor) into the material you need to mix or if you need to avoid propeller/impeller blade shear stress.

Eberbach offers Single Use Bag Orbital Shakers with different stroke/orbit size, the stroke/orbit is the diameter of the orbit in inches or mm. Depending on your application and bag size, the orbit size can determine how your material is being circulated in the bag.  Eberbach offers Single Use Bag Orbital Shakers with the following stroke/orbit diameters:

  1. ½ inch – 12.5mm
  2. 1 inch – 25mm
  3. 2 inch – 50mm
  4. 3 inch – 76mm
  5. Eberbach offers all of the above and can provide custom orbits if needed

Eberbach Single Use Bag Orbital Shakers are cGMP suitable machine with constructed with stainless steel exterior and cGMP suitable components.

Eberbach can offer Single Use Bag Orbital Shakers with the following optional features:

  1. Environmental enclosures
    • Eberbach offers temperature controlled (heating and cooling) enclosures for large capacity shakers, these enclosures can be used for large incubating applications, pharmaceutical thawing applications or any application where you need to mix materials in a controlled environment.
  2. Sensors
    • Many different types of sensors are available from temperature sensors to CO2 sensors, to humidity sensors and more.
  3. Integrated load cell/weight scale
  4. Automation integration or network integration
    • Eberbach offers custom solutions for applications requiring any level of automation in the process
      • Mixing in an automated cell
      • Machine integration for remote control or data transfer
  5. Machine certifications from NRTL’s
    • UL
    • CSA
    • CE

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