Heavy Duty - cGMP Suitable Variable Speed Cutting Mill

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The E3703.SC Large Food Grade Cutting Mill features a 7.75-inch diameter stainless steel sealed cutting chamber with six hardened stainless steel removable stationary blades and a rotating cutting head with four replaceable hardened stainless steel cutting blades that revolve at high speed to produce a shearing action that minimizes heat build-up.

The E3703.SC is designed for the cannabis industry; plant material is introduced through the stainless-steel hopper and swept around by the rotor until cut to sufficient fineness to pass through the sieve. The hardened stainless-steel cutting blades have razor-sharp edges which allow milling a more uniform particle than hammer mills which impact the plant material to break it down.

The E3703.SC is designed with a machine tool type of cartridge spindle with a powerful industry-leading servo motor which allows for variable speed operation of 0 – 3,000 rpm with very high torque. The chamber door comes standard with a door safety switch.

E3703.SC is supplied with the following; Mill floor stand, 1x rotating cutter head with 4x SS rotating blades, 6x SS stationary cutting blades, 1x Wooden Plunger, 1x SS Hopper, 3x Sieves (3mm, 6mm & 10mm), 1x Toolset, 1x cleaning brush, 1x set of protective gloves, 1x ear protection, blade gapping tool, and vacuum recovery system with 30 gal SS recovery drum with 10x plastic recovery drum bags.


Cutting Speed: 0 - 3000 rpm
Rotating Blades Tip Speed at 3000 RPM: 1,855 m/min (73,031.5 IPM)
Machine Throughput: Volume Dependent on operator, operation temperatures, sieve size / required particle size, sharp blades and properly gapped blades - Contact us for more details
Chamber Size: 7.75" Diameter
Rotating Cutting Head With Knife Blades Diameter: 7.5" Diameter
Hopper Input Size: 2.3" Square
Continuous Torque:
  • 230V 60Hz 1 phase 0 - 1,500 RPM 15 Nm
  • 230V 60Hz 1 phase 1,500 - 3,000 RPM 7.5 Nm
  • 230V 60Hz 3 phase 0 - 1,500 RPM 18.6 Nm
  • 230V 60Hz 3 phase 1,500 - 3,000 RPM 9.3 Nm
Instantaneous Torque / MAX Torque:
  • 230V 60Hz 1 phase 0 - 1,500 RPM 45.1 Nm
  • 230V 60Hz 3 phase 0 - 1,500 RPM 54 Nm
Display: HMI
Chassis Material:
  • All parts that touch plant material are stainless steel.
  • Mill floor-stand and vacuum recovery system floor-stand are Powder Coated Steel.
  • Completely Stainless Steel machines are available, please contact Eberbach for more information.
Sieve Material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • 230V 60hz 1 phase
  • 230V 60Hz 3 phase
  • 115V, 480V 60Hz models as well as 50Hz models are available, please contact Eberbach for more information.
Weight (With Vacuum): 570 lbs
Dimensions (With Vacuum): Length - 58 in | Width - 30 in | Height - 50 in (With Stand and 30 gal. Drum)
Options: Cutting chamber Temp sensors, modular auto-feed system, Tungsten Carbide Blades, Tool Free Push To Release Cutter Head, Data output via Ethernet, Profibus or other (contact us for details)


Vacuum Specifications:


115V 60Hz 1 phase

Vacuum Motor power:


Other Features:

  •  50 CFM
  • 30 gal SS recovery drum
  • SS particle separator
  • 5' Vacuum rated, Food Grade PVC Hose
  • Powder Coated Steel Floor Stand

Vacuum Options:

  • Load scale in recovery drum with digital readout and data exporting
  • All stainless steel models
  • Larger throughput Vacuum system
  • 55 gal SS recovery drum


C3703.002 - cGMP Suitable Variable Speed Cutting Mill with Vacuum Recovery System

 Speed: Set to 150-1500 (+/-5rpm)


Load Height:
53.00" +/-0.50"
Cutting Chamber: 7.75" diameter
Recovery Drum: 30 gallons
Vacuum: 87 CFM
Machine Throughput: TBD based on the material being processed
Mill Electrical Specifications:

2.9 kW

400-480V, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase

Vacuum Recovery System:

1.1 kW

110-120V, 60Hz, 1-Phase


C3703.002.004 - Dual Auger Autofeed Hopper System

Dual Independently Programmable Speed Control Augur

 Speed: 60rpm (±10rpm)
Hopper Volume: 8.5 US Gallons (32.2 Liters) approx.
Hopper Opening Area:

1.0ft2 (988cm2) approx.

Load Height:
65" +/-5"
System Throughput: TBD based on the material being processed

Electrical Specifications:

 2x 850W Motors:
  • Hopper Auger
  • Feed Screw
  • Hopper motor has FWD and REV operating capability
  • Both motors have FWD and REV capability for maintenance 
Other Electrical Specs:
  • 400-480V, 50/60Hz, 3-Phase
  • 12Amp (estimate based on continuous load)
  • L22-30P Plug
  • 7” HMI touch panel for controlling machine.
  • Emergency Stop Button.
  • Door Opening Safety Switch – Automatically stops both augers when the door opens.

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