Incubator Ready Benchtop Orbital Shaker

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Eberbach’s E6130.IN is a benchtop variable speed orbital shaker designed to operate within high humidity and CO2 incubators. The E6130.IN comes standard with a stainless steel exterior finish, and is IP65 rated. The E6130.IN has a large load capacity in order to maximize incubator shaking applications (unit can accommodate loads up to 45 lbs).

The E6130.IN is supplied standard with a flat top platform with silicone rubber pad but can be used with an optional utility box, flask holder(s), or if you need to hold something special just ask Eberbach to quote a custom holder for your application.  The E6130.IN has a speed range of 30 to 320 RPMs and has a factory set uniform 1.0” diameter orbit (other strokes are available upon request).

The E6130.IN controller has a digital tachometer along with a digital countdown timer.  The desired rate of rotation is adjusted from the speed control pad on the front panel and speed is monitored via tachometer. The digital countdown timer can be selected for timed operation or the unit can be used for constant operation. Data export is available by USB export to CSV file. The E6130.IN is rated for continuous operation.  E6130.IN has many options and accessories available, please see specifications for more information.



30-320 (Optional up to 450)


.75", 1", 25mm

Maximum Capacity:

45 lbs / 20kg


115V/230V @ 50/60hz

IP Rating:


Applications: cGMP suitable heavy-duty Benchtop Orbital Shaker is designed to operate inside CO2 incubators and handle heavier loads at higher speeds.  Chromatography resin re-suspension/slurry prep, Protein purification, Protein Expression, Protein Production, Antibody production, Cell culturing, aeration of fermentations, yeast propagation, single-use bag mixing as an alternative to stirred tanks, thawing, shaking bioreactor/bioprocess, mixing chemical standards, and various other chemical mixing procedures where you do not want any chance at cross contamination or propeller/impeller blade shear forces

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