Eberbach can offer custom engineered solutions for large capacity and high throughput milling applications of fibrous materials.  Eberbach can provide cutting mills the size of production hammer mills which will provide a more uniform particle size than a hammer mill.  With a more uniform end particle, cutting mills will reduce the amount if fines generated by the milling process.

Eberbach can support hazardous location specifications (NEC, IEC, and ATEX), wash-down applications (IP65, IP67, …), and clean room/cGMP applications.

Eberbach can offer milling equipment with additional features from the addition of temp sensors in the cutting chamber for monitoring heat generation to load cells in the infeed hopper to automation integration for production applications.              

If you have a high throughput milling application for fibrous materials and need a cutting mill designed for your application, contact Eberbach for more information.