Small Blending Assembly (E8710)

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Small Size Blending Assembly, Order No. 8710. •As supplied w/ #8470 and #8495 containers• Overall diameter of stainless blades 1-7/8”. Conventional Blending Assemblies are supplied with many Waring® and Eberbach blending containers. Blades are stainless steel and vary in size and shape depending on the type and size of the container. Other metal parts in contact with sample material are of corrosion resistant chromium plated brass. Wrench set (Order No. 8770) is designed for easy blending assembly removal and installation. In order to minimize leakage of sample solution through the drive shaft/bearing interface we have added a nitrile seal below the bearing cap. Positive pressures to 32 psi may be held for extended periods thus allowing the introduction of controlled atmospheres into the container. These sealed assemblies may be used in all Eberbach and Waring containers. Sealed small size blending assembly order # 8711

Blending Containers General Use and Cleaning

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