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The EL705 Explosion Proof V Blender is designed for dry blending of free flowing solids that themselves present a potential explosion hazard, or need to be blended in an environment that has explosive dusts within the atmosphere.  Solids being blended are constantly being split and recombined as the V blender chamber rotates.

Eberbach can produce V-Blenders in a variety of sizes from table top sized units for research and development to pilot size batch manufacturing to full scale large volume production.  Each V-chamber is constructed of 316-stainless steel with the interior having a mirror finish RA value 10 micro inches to prevent sample from sticking to the internal walls. The outside of the chamber is polished to an RA value of 32 micro inches to enable easy cleaning of the unit.

The chamber opening has a dust tight design that opens with a simple latching mechanism. Explosion resistance classifications can be adjusted based on customer environmental factors. Please note that this unit must be installed by a qualified electrician to preserve their electrically explosion-proof capability.

For applications requiring dispersion of minor ingredients, and/or breaking up materials, which tend to form agglomerates, Eberbach V-Blenders can be equipped with an intensifier bar option.  All units are provided with appropriate safety guarding and appropriately safety interlocks with Stop-Start and E-Stop Push buttons. Non-explosion proof models are available upon request. Please contact us for details.

Please Note: Eberbach Explosion Proof Products are manufactured with rated and certified components, wired by third party certified electricians with hazardous location certification in accordance with NEC standards and it is electrically intrinsically safe to the specifications outlined. In order to meet the hazardous location ratings in the field, Eberbach Explosion Proof products need to be installed by a certified electrician according to the NEC standards. Eberbach Explosion Proof products do not come standard with third party/certified body hazardous location certification documentation, these costs are additional and subject to your location - please contact us for more information.


Rotating Speed:

5 - 36 rpm

Max Holding Capacity:

.50 cubic feet

Max Working Capacity:

.25 cubic feet

Explosion Proof Classification:

Class 1 Division 1 Groups C, and D. Class 2 Division 1 Groups E, F, and G.


230V AC 3 Phase


400 lbs


Length - 35 in | Width - 30 in | Height - 40 in

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