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Eberbach’s E6430 High Capacity Refrigerated CO2 Incubator Shaking System utilizes integrated, independently controlled shaking or vortexing platforms with programmable speed settings. The E6430 has a stainless-steel environmental chamber with programmable temperature and CO2 control as well as monitor humidity through the 12" HMI touch screen panel. Ethernet and USB ports allow for access to data logs on the HMI and internal UPS systems can be added for safeguard against power interruptions. This shaker can be customized with grow lights, internal cameras, glass front door, high temp version, and additional sensors; contact Eberbach for more information.

Mechanical Specifications:

  1. Incubator dimensions:
    • Length: 54.00” +/-0.50”
    • Width: 35.00” +/-0.50”
    • Height: 76.00” +/-1.00”
  2. Incubator weight:
    • Unloaded (estimated): 1100lb +/-20lb
    • Fully loaded (estimated): 1200lb +/-20lb
    • Approximately 91.5 PSF fully loaded
  3. Temperature-controlled enclosure size: 40.5 cu ft
  4. Incubator base allows for use of forklift or pallet jack, access from front and side
  5. Door utilizes a latching system to ensure tight seal.
    • No windows, aluminum sheet door exterior with SS sheet interior
  6. Incubator has three (3) integrated independently controlled shaker systems:
    • Shaker stroke: 25mm +/-1mm
    • Shaker speed: programmable, set to 30-320 RPM, set speed will be +/-2%

        *speeds over 320 RPM are not recommended without specifically engineered tops

  • Max Capacity: 35 lbs per shaker

Controls Specifications:

  1. Humidity Monitoring:
  • Application Monitoring
    • -50..100 °C
    • 0...100 %RH
  • Accuracy @ 23 °C
    • ±0.8 %RH

2. CO2 Control:

    • Accuracy
      • At 5 % vol. CO2 ±0.15 % CO2
      • 0 … 8 % vol. CO2 ±0.15 % CO2
      • 0 … 20 % vol. CO2 ±0.2 % CO2
    • Measurement range
      • 0…20 %CO2
    • Application range
      • 15…40 °C / 0…100 %RH, 700…1200 hPa
    • Temperature dependence
      • ±10 % of measured value
    • Pressure dependence
      • ±0.15 % of measured value/hPa
    • Startup time
      • 60 s
    • ¼” hose barb for C02 inlet located on back of the machine
    • Operating pressure of 15 +/-5 PSI
    • Max pressure cannot exceed 125 PSI

3. Temperature Control:

    • Heating and cooling for 0.1C increments from 15-40C +/-0.3C


Electrical Specifications

  1. 100V-120V, 60 Hz, 20A, 1-Phase
    • 115V Power Cord (NEMA 5-20P)
  2. Estimated cost of use:
    • Incubator draws an estimated 960W max during operation.
    • Estimated at $120 monthly power cost. Based on full load consumption for 24 hours of operation per day using a $0.17 / kWh power rate.
  3. RJ45 Ethernet Port for accessing ProfiNet system
  4. USB Port for accessing Data Logs on HMI
  5. Washdown 9” HMI touch panel for controlling machine.
  6. Internal UPS System
    • UPS keeps HMI powered for 5
      1. #1 priority is to return the shakers to the set speed
      2. #2 priority is to holds the time - PLC and HMI need to stay powered on through all power outages for the specified time duration
  • Client power outage time to generator kicks in is ~ 30sec to 1min max
  • HMI will monitor status of incoming power.
  • HMI will resume all functions once power is restored.
  • HMI will log the date and time of each power outage.
  1. Remote diagnostic functionality available upon request



  1. Wipe exposed surfaces of machine with isopropyl alcohol twice per month or as needed.
  2. Keep touch screen free from dirt/debris.
  3. Ensure Cord Jacketing is not frayed or broken.



Power Options Available:

115V, 208V, 230V, 460V, 480V, 50Hz, 60Hz, 3 Phase or Single Phase Available

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