Optimizing Your Chromatography Slurry Preparation using Orbital Shakers vs Stirred Tanks

Liquid chromatography is a critical analytical technique in pharmaceutical drug development and drug manufacturing. It is widely used for both the analysis of drug compounds and the purification of drug substances.

In drug development, liquid chromatography is used to identify and quantify drug compounds in various matrices, such as biological fluids, and drug formulations. It is also used to determine the purity, identity, and potency of drug substances during various stages of drug development, including preclinical development, clinical trials, and post-approval monitoring.

Liquid chromatography is also a crucial step in the manufacturing of drug substances. It is used for the purification of drug compounds and the removal of impurities that may affect the safety and efficacy of the drug.  Liquid Chromatography is the method of choice for the capture and purification of drug substances, and it can separate and isolate individual drug compounds from complex mixtures with high efficiency and specificity.

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The quality and consistency of the drug product are critical in pharmaceutical manufacturing, and liquid chromatography is often used to ensure the quality and purity of the drug substance.

Because chromatography plays a critical role in pharmaceutical drug development and manufacturing, it is important to resuspend chromatography resin before packing the column to ensure that the resin is evenly distributed and packed correctly, and if it is not properly resuspended, it can lead to uneven packing of the column and poor chromatographic performance.

Resuspending the resin involves mixing the dry resin with a solvent to create a slurry, to ensure that the resin particles are evenly suspended in the solvent which can be poured into the column and packed to create an even bed.

Resuspending the resin can be a critical step in the column packing process, as uneven packing of the column can lead to poor separation and low column efficiency. Therefore, it is important to take the time to resuspend the resin correctly before packing the column to achieve high-quality chromatographic results.

The key to successful slurry preparation is a thorough and consistent mix, which can be challenging to achieve without the right equipment

Orbital shakers are generally considered to be better for preparing chromatography slurries than stirred tanks for several reasons.

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First, it helps reduce the risk of cross contamination, you can keep the containers closed without needing to pour into a tank or add a stirrer shaft.  This can lead to a reduction in the change-over times between batches and elimination of cleaning and cleaning validation activities often leading to smaller, simpler and reduced cost of processes.

Second, Orbital Shakers can provide more uniform mixing than a stirred tank, which can help to prevent channeling which can create the formation of air bubbles in the slurry along with uneven mixing and poor column packing. This is important because this can interfere with the packing of the chromatography column, leading to poor column performance.  This is because an orbital shaker moves the slurry in a circular motion, which ensures that all parts of the slurry are exposed to the same mixing conditions. In contrast, a stirred tank typically creates a turbulent flow, which can result in uneven mixing.

An orbital shaker is typically better at maintaining the homogeneity of the slurry over time. This is because the mixing action provided by the orbital shaker is less likely to cause settling of the particles in the slurry. In contrast, a stirred tank can create a more violent mixing environment, which can cause particles to settle out of the slurry over time.

Overall, the use of an orbital shaker is often preferred for chromatography slurry preparation because it can help to ensure the quality and performance of the chromatography column with much lower chance for cross contamination.

Eberbach Corporations Heavy Duty High-Capacity Orbital Shakers, the best solution to optimizing the slurry preparation process. These powerful Orbital Shakers use powerful drive motors with high quality bearing systems for smooth orbital motion to effectively and efficiently mix even the thickest of slurries. The uniform mixing eliminates the risk of inconsistent results and improves the quality of your final product

In addition to their mixing capabilities, Orbital Shakers are also incredibly versatile. They can be used with a variety of containers, from flasks to different size bottles and carboys, making them a valuable addition to any laboratory or industrial setting.

Another advantage of Orbital Shakers is their ease of use and elimination of cross contamination by not needing to open the container with the resin and/or needing to put a stirrer into the resin. Simply place the container on the Shaker platform, secure and set the desired speed and time, and let the shaker do the work for you.


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Packing chromatography columns is time consuming, it can take hours to days, if you do not pack the column properly it can be very costly not only in lost time but in lost materials (DS or research substances) so, when choosing a chromatography slurry prep method, consider Eberbach Orbital Shakers for your slurry preparation, contact Eberbach Corporation for any questions or support you need.